Grill Marks: Review

Tonight we went to Grill Marks, a new downtown Greenville, SC restaurant, to celebrate my friend’s birthday. Grill Marks is a “spin off” addition to another Greenville restaurant group, Larkin’s on the River, to provide the city of Greenville with “a creative burger restaurant, offering the best burgers, best buns with the best toppings they could source.”

The space itself is cool. There’s outdoor seating with tables lined up to the road, perfect for people watching in good weather. Inside is a little tight, but the decor is nice and the atmosphere is friendly. We went at 6:45 and called ahead for a table of 8. No problem with any wait.

The menu is a tad confusing- many people at the table bombarded the waitress with questions. Whether it was asking if the Grill Marks Burger came with fries (it doesn’t) or if you could substitute a veggie burger patty on one of their pre-made burger combinations (you can). But it has nice variety for those who aren’t burger fans, like chicken sandwiches, portobello burgers, and even a turkey burger. You can also opt to go the healthy route and get a lettuce bun or gluten free bun (+$2).

Pros about Grill Marks: The quality of the burger, bun, and toppings were great. The fries were AMAZING. Most people at the table got the “skinny fries” aka shoestrings. They were lightly seasoned and crispy. You can also get sweet potato fries or “fat fries” aka steak/wedge fries. You can also substitute fries for other appetizers/sides. One person at the table got mac and cheese. He said the top was crunchy and the center was smooth and creamy. And don’t get me started on their “5 Dollar Milkshakes.” I got the Dutch Chocolate flavor and split it with my boyfriend. We sipped til the last yummy drop. Also, if it is your birthday you get a free dessert. My friend got “The Tower” a layer of brownies, ice cream, and chocolate covered pretzels. The table split this and was well received with everyone! Oh, and the presentations of all the foods were fabulous. I especially loved them serving fries in mini fryer baskets.

Cons about Grill Marks: Price. For a burger dinner for two people (with a milkshake and one beer) was $38 not including tip. You have to pay $1.25 for any addition to a burger (including cheese). Some people found it cheaper to order one of their suggested burger combinations and just asking them to not including a topping they didn’t particularly like. Also, the person at the table who was a vegetarian said her veggie patty was “mushy.”

The just of it all…. I would go back to Grill Marks again (as will 7 out of the 8 people at my table). The price is a little off putting for me, but I understand I am paying for the quality of the ingredients. And our waitress was great!


Grill Marks Burger with American cheese, lettuce, onions, avocado- Side of skinny fries


Dutch Chocolate “5 Dollar Milkshake”


all gone!


The Tower dessert- I forgot to take a picture before we started digging in so I made my friends stop so I could take a picture. This is post “The Towers” fall


it was a big hit

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